Silicene Labs is a boutique nanotechnology advisory & research company co-founded by Dr. Lok C. Lew Yan Voon – The Father of Silicene.

Silicene Labs was founded by a team of professionals with reputations for excellence in fields as diverse as nanomaterials, intellectual property law and licensing, product development, graphic design, and investment analysis. Our principal mission is to become the definitive brand in the brave new world of 2D materials.

To achieve that goal, Silicene Labs has created and published some of the world’s most insightful roadmaps and prescient research available. We also publish and update the patent-pending 2D Materials Composite Index™ – a benchmark metric that’s been architected to help scientists and business leaders keep their finger on the pulse of the current progress being made by 2D materials in the labs and corporate boardrooms.




Dr. Lok C. Lew Yan Voon

Lead Scientist
Dr. Lok C. Lew Yan Voon is a world-renowned, solid state physicist, who has published 96 peer-reviewed papers, and is the recipient of numerous awards, including the National Science Foundation’s prestigious CAREER award. Together with his student, Gian Guzmán-Verri, he was the first to prove that silicene has the same unique properties as graphene; and, in fact, Dr. Lok coined the term ‘silicene.’ Currently serves as the Dean of the School of Science and Mathematics at The Citadel in Charleston, SC.


Edmund J. Ferdinand, III

Management and Media
Edmund J. Ferdinand, III is a leading authority in the fields of intellectual property and licensing. He is is the founding member of Ferdinand IP, a boutique law firm with offices in New York, California and Connecticut. Ferdinand IP is a member of an international firm, the 24 IP Law Group, based in Germany with offices in France and the United Kingdom. The Group collectively has forty IP professionals located in 10 offices in the United States and Europe.


Gene Riccoboni

Gene Riccoboni is a technology transactions lawyer, who has worked as a technology sourcer for Nasdaq OMX and Credit Suisse. He has also served as counsel and options product manager for S&P, and as a commercial attorney to SS8 Networks. He began his career as an options trader at COMEX.


Antonio Ramirez

Antonio Ramirez has both technical and artistic qualities, with a particular understanding on what makes communications work. He has worked as a business developer, sales, programmer, designer, motion graphics artist, web designer and 3D artist, working with brands such as Toyota, Bridgestone, Kohler, Budweiser, Quicksilver, NYU, Yahoo, HP, Intel, Microsoft, among others. Antonio has a masters degree on Digital Media, Branding and Service Design from NYU-Poly.